Family Photography on the Beach

Oh my! Easter is nearly upon us. A two week break from school, homework and daily routine. First of all, I truly love it when the kids have time off school as I get more excited than they do. It’s a time to recharge for myself and them. A time for family and hopefully a few days away.

Easter hasn’t been yet and I have already turned my attention to the Summer holidays! I’m not keen on going to hot countries in the Summer months, as my Scottishness can’t cope with the heat. We prefer Scotland or Ireland for our holidays. We have just booked to go back to Ireland this Summer. It’s such a great place and the people are the best you will ever meet.

The Maharees, County Kerry

We were last there last in October 2017 and would you believe in the same week we had 20 degree weather and hurricane Ophelia. I am dreaming of 20 degree weather this Summer, minus the hurricane! Here are a few photographs from our trip in October. The first three photographs were taken on the Maharees in County Kerry, the longest beach in Ireland.



O’Connors Trekking and Horse Riding

We had an amazing experience horse riding with O’Connors Trekking and Horse Riding. You can find their facebook page on this link: O’Connors Trekking and Horse riding

The Banna Strand

The last photo was on the Banna Strand, County Kerry, Ireland. If you decide to make the journey to County Kerry, one thing you will not be short of are stunning beaches. The locals don’t call Kerry the Kingdom for no reason!

Happy Easter! Get yourself outside and enjoy the Easter break, no matter what the weather!